Inquest Jury Rules Man Died From Wolf Attack

Thursday, November 01, 2007 at 13:28



It appears wolves are to blame for the death of a geology student two years ago at Points North Landing.


A jury in Prince Albert has ruled wounds suffered by Kenton Carnegie in 2005 were consistent with that of a wolf attack.


The death occurred less than a kilometre south of Points North camp along a path adjacent to the lake.


Among the list of recommendations the jury handed down was a call for better regulations to keep predators away from landfills, a fast-tracking of permits needed to destroy animals that frequent the sites, and for government agencies to become better coordinated.


In particular, the jury said a protocol must be established between the RCMP, Saskatchewan Environment and the coroner’s office to coordinate investigations into predator’s attacks.


Kenton’s father, Kim Carnegie, says he accepts the jury’s findings — and hopes this case dispels the belief by some experts that wolves are incapable of killing humans.


Carnegie adds the jury’s findings have provided some closure for his family.


Meantime, a long-time northern hunter says he doesn’t doubt wolves have killed people before.


Ken Larson of Buffalo Narrows says he knows of several northerners who have had close scrapes with the animals.


He notes wolves are especially dangerous when the sun goes down, which is roughly the time jurors believe Carnegie lost his life.


The Kenton Carnegie case is the first documented incident of wolves killing a person in North America.