Inquest Heard Martinot Hated Authority Figures

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 16:27



Specific details into the shooting death of 38 year old Shaun Martinot are beginning to surface at the inquest into his death at the La Ronge Provincial Court House.


Two RCMP constables, who were on duty the day Martinot was killed in August 2004, as well as La Ronge RCMP Staff Sgt. Kirk Munro, took to the stand this morning to tell their recollections of the events that unfolded during the 17 hour stand-off at the Northlands Hotel in La Ronge.


At several points during Munro’s testimony regarding details about the stand-off and the notification of next of kin immediately following, Martinot’s family reacted with complete disgust and even broke down into tears.


Martinot’s close friend and A.A. sponsor, Kirby Woodhouse, also testified this morning saying Martinot had a previous altercation a few months earlier with the La Ronge RCMP that remained fresh in his mind and may have been a factor in his decisions that day.


He testified that Martinot was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol and when officers tried to arrest him, a scuffle broke out, resulting in one officers suffering a broken arm. Martinot alleged during the following months, he was assaulted by officers while he was in the detention cells following the fight.


Woodhouse went onto say that it was a known fact, Martinot had a great dislike for authority figures and the fight and alleged assault only acted as a constant stressor in his life.


Martinot was reportedly on prescribed anti-depressant medication and drinking heavily prior to August 29th, 2004.


It was learned during yesterday’s testimony from the doctor who performed the autopsy on Martinot, that he received 16 gun shot wounds.