Injunction Filed Over MNC Power Struggle

Monday, August 27, 2007 at 17:04



Legal action is being taken by a national Aboriginal politician who was forced out of his post less than a month ago.


Clem Chartier is seeking a court injunction from an Ontario court that would compel officials from the Metis National Council to recognize him once again as president.


Chartier was removed from his post on July 31st by four governors of the MNC who claim he has outlasted his term.


Chartier says the four provincial Metis leaders circumvented the rules in stripping him of his duties.


He adds his latest move is aimed at keeping him in what he feels is his rightful role until the Metis National Assembly in October.


Chartier adds legal battles like this don’t make sense when a national assembly is so close to happening.


He believes he will be able to maintain order if the injunction is successful.


Chartier adds the provincial leaders must realize their actions affect Metis citizens across the entire country.