Indian Affairs Ready to Recognize Black Lake Vote

Friday, January 02, 2004 at 14:27



Indian Affairs says it will likely recognize the results of a new election in Black Lake — whenever that happens.


A new election was supposed to take place in the community over the holidays, but didn’t happen for reasons that are still unclear.


However, Indian Affairs spokesman Trevor Sutter says the department is quite certain the appeal process that led to the election call was done in a proper manner.


Sutter also says while Indian Affairs is still supplying funds for essential programs and services to Black Lake band members, the department’s ties with the incumbent chief and council have been temporarily suspended.


A new election was ordered by members attending a band assembly in late November.


The decision was made after an appeal notice was filed that alleged band funds were used to fly in off-reserve band members into Black Lake for their votes in the band’s last election in January 2003.