INAC Responds To Critique Of Child Welfare Service

Thursday, May 08, 2008 at 15:03



A director with Indian Affairs says steps are being taken to address the department’s funding formula for child and family service agencies on reserves.


Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s latest report says INAC doesn’t do a good enough job of analyzing funding needs for these agencies.


But department spokesman Robert Eyahpaise says INAC is moving towards a targeted approach that will give on-reserve agencies more discretion in where money is spent


He also says the department welcomes Fraser’s input, but stresses action was being taken before the report’s release.


Eyahpaise says the department is moving forward with steps to enhance care on reserve and add preventative measures, as well.


He also disputes any notion INAC isn’t aware of how many children are in its care.


He says 161,197 children are supported by on-reserve services — and 8,262 of those are in care.