Ile-a-la-Crosse Hosts Metis Centenary

Monday, June 05, 2006 at 15:15



The northern community of Ile-a-la-crosse will be hosting a memorable centenary celebration this July.


Metis Local President Don Favel says July 8th will mark the 100th Anniversary of the signing of Metis Scrip in northwest Saskatchewan and the signing of the Treaties in Ile-a-la-crosse.


It was in 1906 and 1907 that the government signed Metis scrip in the northwest on 3 occasions.


Favel says a number of festivities will be taking place to celebrate the anniversary over the two days in July, which is open to the public, including an awards ceremony for Metis people who made significant Metis-specific community contributions.


The Metis Scrip Centenary Celebrations awards are currently accepting nominations in the categories of land rights, aboriginal rights, community governance, nation building, and cultural and traditional.


Nominations must be submitted to the Northwest Metis Council by June 21st.