Ice Road To Wollaston Lake Now Open

Thursday, February 08, 2007 at 15:25



A contractor says ideal weather conditions in December and January helped the ice road to Wollaston to be built in record time.


The seasonal road link officially opened to light traffic yesterday.


It’s one of several ice roads that communities in Saskatchewan’s Far North rely on for supplies like food and fuel.


Ed Benoanie says it’s usually mid-February before the road opens.


Last year, it was early March before the road was ready — creating severe supply shortages in the Far North.


Meanwhile, a winter road between Points North and Black Lake was opened earlier this year.


Ice roads from Stony Rapids to Shasko Bay and from Shasko Bay to Fond du Lac are expected to be opened by the end of the week.


The region will be getting all-weather roads in the next few years. The project is part of a $65.5-million northern roads strategy announced by the province in late 2005.