Hunters Warned About Accidental Wildfires

Friday, September 15, 2006 at 14:16



Saskatchewan Environment is issuing a safety warning to all hunters to be careful with their fires now that hunting season is here.


Jeanette Krayetski says the summer was drier than usual, and although the weather has cooled down a lot, she says the wildfire potential is still there.


Extremely dry conditions across much of the province have created a high fire hazard in many of the areas where people hunt.


Krayetski says the North is not as dry as areas further south, but she encourages all hunters to keep a close watch on their fires and to make sure its out completely when they pack up.


In southern Saskatchewan, the department is asking hunters not to light campfires at all.


Krayetski adds hunters also need to be aware of the fire hazard that is created when ATVs or other vehicles are driven or parked in grassy areas. She says its best to stay on roads and trails, since the heat from a vehicle exhaust system can be enough to start a fire.