Homelessness A Serious Issue In P.A.: Farber

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 14:30



The director of the Prince Albert Indian and Metis Friendship Centre says she hopes this week’s awareness campaign on homelessness helps generate some solutions to the problem.


Connie Farber says too many people in the city, mostly men, are forced to cope on their own.


She adds that some measures have been taken to address issues such as addictions and mental health problems, but she still sees too many people drifting around.


“To be very honest, I don’t see any real progress with the homelessness. I know that the City is really taking a good hard look at it, and I know that the community as a whole is taking it a lot more seriously, but the reality is that we still have homeless (people) here, and we continue to have transients moving through our city, and basically living under bridges and so on,” Farber says.


A rally was held this afternoon at the Friendship Centre, as part of Action on Homelessness Week.