Highways Minister Re-Examining Northern Priorities

Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 16:17



Saskatchewan Highways has released more details of its long-term plans for the province — including northern Saskatchewan.


According to the ministry, the access roads to the Mistawasis First Nation and Onion Lake First Nation will receive paving upgrades in 2009-2010.


As well, the Shoal Lake access road will be paved to 12 kms west of the reserve.


Meantime, the government says road grading will take place on the junction road to Timber Bay starting this year.


The Dore Lake road will also be graded this year.


Saskatchewan’s Minister of Highways says his ministry will look at the economic benefits road improvements can provide for the North before making any decisions on which roads get improved.


Wayne Elhard says he looks forward to talking to northern leaders in the months to come about projects they feel are important.


Elhard stresses the economic benefits of those roads and their long-term potential will be looked at closely before decisions are made.


He says he knows the current number of northern roads being improved may seem low, but he maintains his government is doing the best it can.


Elhard says he plans to talk to northern leaders soon, but encourages them to contact his ministry, as well.