Highways Department Meets With Dore Lake Residents

Friday, February 04, 2005 at 13:39



A truce has apparently been reached between some protesters in Dore Lake and the provincial government’s Department of Highways.


Yesterday, a meeting was held in the community where the two sides met to discuss the contentious issue of logging truck traffic on the road to the community.


The residents have been calling on the government to ban semi-trailers on the narrow road until the highway has been widened and had its surface repaired.


They staged a roadblock Highway 924 earlier this week to back their demands.


Assistant Deputy Highways Minister George Stamatinos says an arrangement has been worked out with industry that will see logging trucks held off the road wherever possible.


However, Stamatinos says, in some cases, the trucks will have to be allowed on the highway.


He adds the protesters have agreed to this measure and he feels this should keep further roadblocks from taking place.


Stamatinos says more talks are expected to take place over additional concerns the residents have expressed.