Harrison Weighs In On Athabasca Road Debate

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 15:41



Northern MP Jeremy Harrison is taking issue with recent comments from provincial highways minister Eldon Lautermilch regarding the proposed all-weather road network in the Far North.


Lautermilch suggested last week that industry should play a part in funding the $50-million project.


That has already generated a sharp rebuke from Athabasca leaders, and Harrison is echoing those sentiments.


Harrison says jurisdictional squabbling between the province and Ottawa has to stop.


However, Harrison is of the opinion that the federal government should pay a larger portion of the construction cost.


He also says the Athabasca road project would be a top priority of a Conservative government, and it is a major part of his party’s $120-million Northern Strategy announced a few weeks ago.