Harrison Up In Arms Over Land Claim Delays

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 at 13:29



Northern Saskatchewan’s MP is outraged with the federal government’s processing times of First Nations’ land claims and is pushing for an inquiry into the matter.


Jeremy Harrison, with the backing of Conservative Aboriginal Affairs critic Jim Prentice, will be requesting today that the House of Commons Aboriginal Affairs Standing Committee launch hearings into the reported backlog of First Nations specific claims across Canada.


Harrison says its time the Liberal government gives answers as to why the process is taking decades to resolve in some cases.


Harrison, who sits as the vice-chair on the Aboriginal Affairs Committee, feels an investigation is long overdue — noting he has two First Nations in his riding waiting to have their claims pursued.


He says Flying Dust and Makwa Sahgaiehcan have been waiting for over a decade to have their railway bed land claim pursued.