Harrison Declared Winner In Meadow Lake

Thursday, November 08, 2007 at 13:38



A day after appearing to lose a close election battle in the Meadow Lake riding, the Saskatchewan Party’s Jeremy Harrison has been declared the winner — at least for the time being.


Incumbent NDP MLA Maynard Sonntag was initially credited with a 111-vote victory in yesterday’s provincial election.


But election officials now say Harrison has a 17-vote advantage.


Apparently, clerks at one of the polls reversed the number of votes given to each candidate when reporting them to Elections Saskatchewan.


An official at Harrison’s office says they have received a phone call from Sonntag confirming the mistake.


However, even the new result is up in the air.


That’s because another 109 absentee ballots will be tabulated on November 19th.


Harrison’s lead currently gives the Saskatchewan Party 38 seats in the legislature, compared to the NDP’s 20 seats.


The Liberals were once again shut out.