Harrison Confident Of Eventual Victory

Friday, November 09, 2007 at 18:37



The Saskatchewan Party candidate for Meadow Lake says he is confident the latest numbers giving him a 17-vote advantage over the NDP’s Maynard Sonntag will stand.


Yesterday, it was learned that one of the polling stations mistakenly reversed the numbers when giving the total to Elections Saskatchewan on election night.


Jeremy Harrison says he knows 109 absentee ballots still have to be counted.


However, his people believe most of those votes belong to supporters of the Saskatchewan Party, and he will still finish on top.


He also claims he has been advised by Elections Saskatchewan that those votes “probably won’t change the result”.


Meantime, the province’s deputy electoral officer for the province, David Wilkie, says a recount is a definite possibility.


The absentee ballots will be counted on November 19th.