Harrison Accuses Ducharme of Smear Campaign

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 14:33



The Conservative Party candidate in Churchill River says he’s the victim of a smear campaign from Liberal candidate Al Ducharme.


Jeremy Harrison is taking issue with radio ads Ducharme is running on MBC.


The ads call into question the Conservative Party’s policy on Aboriginal issues and refer to controversial statements written by Tom Flanagan, who some say will help shape the Conservative Party’s Aboriginal policy.


Harrison says the ads are completely untrue and are an act of desperation.


Harrison says he has repeatedly stated that the treaties and the inherent right to self-government will be respected and honoured if the Conservatives come to power.


He’s calling on Ducharme to pull the commercials off the air, but Ducharme is standing by the statements made in his ads.


Ducharme says the Tories do not have a policy on Aboriginal issues, and challenges Harrison to prove him wrong.


Ducharme also denies that the Liberals are desperate, and says First Nations and Metis people in Churchill River have been showing overwhelming support for the Liberals.