H1N1 Flu Absent At First Nations Summer Games

Friday, August 14, 2009 at 14:50



Organizers say not a single case of the H1N1 virus was reported during the Saskatchewan First Nations Summer Games in Onion Lake, which ended last night.


Games co-ordinator Kelly Villeneuve says there was one flu case which initially concerned organizers, but it turned out to be nothing serious.


A few First Nations decided to keep their athletes at home because of H1N1 fears.


Villeneuve says organizers took every precaution they could think of to prevent the virus from spreading.


Athletes, parents and coaches were told to stay home if they had any signs of the virus.


As well, organizers spent $25,000 on extra showers, hand sanitizers and hand washing stations.


Villeneuve says the extra time and money spent on precautions to prevent an outbreak was well worth it.


The Games ended up going just over its $1.3 million budget.


Villeneuve says ore people showed up for food services than organizers had expected, and they didn’t want to let anyone go away hungry.


Also, more parents and elders showed up than organizers had counted on.


But Villeneuve says the goal of the Games was to accommodate everyone — so they did.


Villeneuve says they went over budget by about $10,000.


He says organizers have a plan to find that money.


They intend to rent out some of the equipment they bought for the Games.