Grieving Community Members Refute Media Reports

Thursday, March 03, 2005 at 15:00



A service was held on the Montreal Lake reserve last night in memory of the three people who lost their lives in yesterday’s shootings.


Band worker Darrell Naytowhow says the community is still in a state of shock over the whole affair, but is moving ahead as best it can.


He says much of the band’s focus at this point is helping the community’s youth understand what took place.


He adds many people have been angered by some of the media reports coming out — one of which focused on the notion drugs may have fueled the tragedy.


Naytowhow says he can’t believe some national newspapers are jumping to conclusions without even waiting for an RCMP investigation to finish.


Naytowhow says the band is now just waiting for the RCMP investigation to wrap up.