Government Worker Fired For Alleged Irregularities

Monday, March 06, 2006 at 14:21



Another provincial government employee is under investigation for the possible misappropriation of government funds — and this case has a northern Saskatchewan angle.


The Department of Corrections and Public Safety has announced it has referred a case involving financial irregularities to the RCMP for investigation.


The department says an employee has been dismissed for failing to properly account for trust fund deposits that could amount to $25,000.


The dismissal came after an outside investigation by Saskatchewan Property Management after a northern work camp manager identified concerns.


The department says specific details will not be released as long as the RCMP is investigating the matter.


Meanwhile, new procedures are apparently in place following recommendations by the SPMC.


According to a government news release, the provincial comptroller is working with the department to ensure proper procedures are in place.


The provincial auditor has also been notified.