Government Releases Report On Contaminated Soil

Monday, May 15, 2006 at 14:53



An industrial spill specialist with the government says it’s still not clear how a patch of contaminated soil in Prince Albert will affect the community long term.


Saskatchewan Environment has released its preliminary report into the discovery of some furans and dioxins on the city’s east-side.


The material is left-over residue from two wood-treating facilities that used to operate in the city decades ago.


Wes Kotyk is a Manager with the province’s Industrial Spills branch. He says test-results show the substances are close to the surface, but unlikely to go anywhere.


The soil in question was removed from its original resting spot and trucked over to an area of the city that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.


It’s been fenced off and signs have been posted warning people to stay away, however Kotyk admits that doesn’t solve the problem long-term.


He adds the government is awaiting the results of a final report by a consultant looking into the matter.


Once those are known a final solution may present itself.