Gold Mine Project Awarded Surface Lease Agreement

Monday, August 24, 2009 at 13:21



The province has given its blessing to a proposed gold mine north of La Ronge, in the form of a 20-year surface lease agreement.


The deal between the government and the company developing the project, Golden Band Resources, was announced this morning.


The surface lease is for 278 hectares of land, including the Jolu mill site, and three gold deposits, known as Bingo, Komis and EP.


The agreement will run until May 31, 2030, and addresses issues such as land tenure, environmental protection measures, occupational health and safety provisions, and socio-economic benefits for northerners.

It also acknowledges that the deal does not take away from the existing rights of Aboriginal people


The Lac La Ronge Indian Band has a partnership agreement with Golden Band Resources, and has been heavily involved in the project’s development, including underground exploration work and preliminary refurbishment of the Jolu mill site.


The province has also given Golden Band the go-ahead to clear trees and brush in the area, and to build an above ground tailings management facility at Jolu.