Gang Activity In North Discussed At National Forum

Monday, December 01, 2008 at 13:13



One of the organizers of a national justice conference hopes to get ideas from other communities on how to combat the gang problem in northern Saskatchewan.


Howard Halkett works in justice for the Prince Albert Grand Council, which is hosting the 2nd Annual National Aboriginal Justice Conference in Saskatoon this week.


Halkett says gang activity is visible in Prince Albert, and in the 27 other communities the PAGC represents.


According to Halkett, Pelican Narrows and Black Lake are two communities where gang activity is especially high.


He says it’s hard to address this issue and help these communities without the proper programming in place.


Halkett feels people need to be aware of the problem, and then band together to come up with solutions.


He believes presentations by organizations that have had success are a good starting point.


In particular, Halkett is looking forward to hearing from a youth chief and council from Manitoba’s Pukatawagan First Nation, which is scheduled to give a presentation on the impact it has had on decreasing crime in its community.