Galloway’s Teaching Career In Jeopardy

Monday, March 13, 2006 at 14:26



Rita Galloway is back in the news.


She’s the former native activist convicted of impaired driving causing the death of a Prince Albert teenager in 2002, and fleeing the scene of the accident.


She was sentenced to two years in prison, but is now out on parole and living in Saskatoon.


Now, three teachers in the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division have launched a complaint with the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, asking that Galloway’s teaching certificate be revoked.


They argue that because she fled the scene of the accident instead of helping children in dire need of assistance, she is no longer fit to teach.


Galloway’s husband, Wayne, feels his wife has paid her debt to society and should be left alone.


Galloway also feels the accusations against his wife are inconsistent with her conduct in the classroom.


A professional ethics committee is holding a hearing on the matter today in Saskatoon.


It has the power to recommend the province’s Minister of Learning take away her teaching certificate.


An STF spokesman says in cases like this, the minister usually follows the recommendation of the federation.