Fur Sale Results Less Than Inspiring

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 15:15



An official with North American Fur Auction admits this year’s trapping season is off to a slow start.


On Friday, the company held its first offering of the season.


Spokesman Dave Bewick says they sold 100 per cent of their beaver pelt offering, with an average price of about $20 each. At this time last year, beaver pelts were going for over $24 apiece.


Meanwhile, muskrat pelts sold for an average price of $2.54 last week — less than half what they fetched in the January 2007 sale.


Bewick says NAFA continues to have a tough time marketing otter pelts, but there is still a fair amount of interest in lynx hides.


He says his firm is hoping to clear out its entire inventory of muskrat and otter pelts at the coming sale in March. The company still has pelts in both species that were collected last fur season.