Fur Prices Expected To Remain Firm

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 at 13:21



If a fur sale last week is any indication, this might be the year for northern trappers to specifically target martens.


North American Fur Auctions is reporting that the price of martens in its annual September wild fur sale was up 25 per cent from May.


NAFA spokesman Dave Bewick says the good showing comes as a bit of a surprise, but it’s probably enough for trappers to re-think their harvesting strategy this fall and winter.


Bewick says the demand for most wild fur pelts will likely be strong this coming season.


He says the acceptance of wild fur in the fashion industry in the last couple of years has been a major breakthrough.


However, he admits the rising value of the Canadian dollar and skyrocketing fuel prices continue to hurt trappers and many are talking about scaling back their operations this year.