Fur Marketer Revising Forecast In Light Of Markets

Thursday, October 09, 2008 at 16:01



A spokesman for North American Fur Auctions says the world economic crisis is definitely having an effect on this year’s fur season.


However, Dave Bewick says he’s confident product will move.


He says markets in China and Russia continue to buy pelts and that should help the industry get through the troubled times.


The auction house had issued a forecast about a month ago saying they thought record levels from last year could be maintained.


Bewick doubts that will happen now.


But he says species like beaver, lynx, fisher, marten and otter should continue to sell well.


Bewick adds trappers should remember that quality will be more important than quantity this time around.


He says that’s why they should harvest animals when they’re in their prime this winter.


NAFA’s next fur sale is scheduled for January 6th, with the last receiving date set for December 8th.