Fur Expert Downplays Cold Winter Forecast

Monday, December 03, 2007 at 15:20



An expert in the northern Saskatchewan fur industry says the upcoming season looks like it will be a tough one.


Despite forecasts of a long cold winter, Scott Robertson of Robertson Trading in La Ronge says that won’t help fur harvesters.


In fact, Robertson says the chilly air will have a negative effect on fur quality, because animals will burn up more energy and have less fat on their bodies.


He explains poor market conditions in Russia and China are also complicating things, and most pelt prices from auction houses are expected to be down.


He also says a huge oversupply in muskrats, coyotes and otters will contribute to the downward effect on prices.


Robertson says other factors to consider are the strong Canadian loonie, fuel prices and the influx of residential school compensation money that has caused some trappers to take time off.


He says the price for fisher pelts is holding steady, but that’s about it.


All in all, Robertson says everyone is bracing for a tough year.