Fur Auction Group Raving About Recent Fur Sale

Monday, March 10, 2008 at 15:05



Incredible. Spectacular. Those are some of the words officials at North American Fur Auctions are using to describe what they’re calling the most successful fur sale in its history.


Spokesman Dave Bewick says last week’s sale couldn’t have gone any better.


He says the sale featured a record attendance of 500 buyers, record high prices on many pelts and a record sales turnover for a single auction.


Fisher, lynx and lynx cat pelts attracted most of the attention — but Bewick says marten pelts drew strong prices, as well.


Bewick credits strong markets in Asia and western Europe for the showing.


Bewick notes that even the collection of 30,000 otter pelts on hand sold out, averaging $40 each. The otter market has cooled considerably the last couple of seasons.


He says this latest sale proves the fur market is very healthy.