Funding Talks Rile Disputed MNS Leaders

Friday, March 03, 2006 at 15:10



Officials with the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan are not impressed that their political rivals have been talking about funding proposals with various levels of government.


Government representatives have not been immediately available for comment, but Metis activist Robert Doucette confirms the provincial government participated in a couple of meetings recently where a grassroots proposal for a Metis annual general meeting was discussed.


According to Doucette, the government is considering this approach following the refusal of the MNS to consider holding an independently-run new election.


MNS treasurer Ray Laliberte confirms his group is not going to sway from its belief that it must adhere to the MNS constitution on all election matters.


Laliberte accuses the province of trying to split the Metis community.


Laliberte says the Provincial Metis Council will meet next week to discuss the organization’s next step.