FSIN Vice-Chief Says Day Of Action “Too Nice”

Thursday, June 05, 2008 at 16:20



One of the FSIN’s vice-chiefs says First Nations people need to take more steps to get the province to listen to them.


Glen Pratt opened his remarks at the FSIN assembly this morning by commenting on last week’s National Day of Action.


Pratt says while he understands the concept of peaceful co-existence as outlined in the treaties, he feels last week’s event was “too nice” because the treaties aren’t always respected.


He says if things don’t change in the province in the next few months, he wants a provincial day of action that isn’t about “being nice” — but about communicating the frustration First Nations people have.


Pratt also commented on last month’s much-anticipated duty to consult roundtable.


While he welcomed the event, he felt First Nations leaders were pushed aside during discussion and that industry really dominated the proceedings.


Pratt also said First Nations need to consider legal action with regard to the 1930 Natural Resource Transfer Agreement — because he says First Nations can’t get anywhere on the political agenda with that issue.