FSIN Senator Celebrates 100th Birthday

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 at 16:47



Celebrations are taking place this week for an FSIN senator from Canoe Lake who has just turned 100 years old.


Jonas Lariviere is being acknowledged for his time and service to his family and the entire First Nations community.


He spent much of his life trapping, fishing and living a traditional life style near his home reserve of Canoe Lake.


His son, Eval, says his dad is a role model.


He notes his interest in politics began several decades ago, and is credited for helping to get the FSIN off the ground.


Eval Lariviere is a band councillor, but notes his dad never forced his children into politics — allowing them to choose their own path.


He also says the senator is still quite mobile these days and never shy to say what’s on his mind.


A party will be held for Senator Lariviere on Saturday at the Canoe Lake school gymnasium.