FSIN Officials Upset Over Iacobucci Payout

Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 14:17



Recent reports that the government paid a lead negotiator in the residential schools compensation agreement $2.5 million is not going over well at the FSIN.


Federation Vice-Chief Lyle Whitefish says he knows Frank Iacobucci spent considerable time helping broker an agreement.


But Whitefish feels the amount Iacobucci is getting is outrageous and sends a poor message to the survivors — considering they are only getting a base payment of $10,000.


He is also disturbed Iacobucci is getting compensated relatively quickly, while survivors have waited decades for compensation.


Whitefish says he knows other lawyers like Tony Merchant still need to get their cheques from the government and the cost is adding up. He says the legal community has been the biggest beneficiary of the residential schools file.


The details of Iacobucci’s compensation were uncovered through a freedom of information request filed by CBC News.