Fort A La Corne Glitters More Than Expected

Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 12:22



Shore Gold says it’s discovered more diamonds than expected in the Fort a la Corne region.


The company says they’re done a resource estimate on a section of land about three to four kilometres away from the Star Kimberlite Project.


Erice Cline, Shore Gold’s vice-president of corporate affairs, says the new find looks promising.


“It is significant. It would be on an indicated basis another 11.5 million carats of diamonds, and on an inferred basis, 12.5 million carats,” Cline says.


Cline says that isn’t quite as big as the Star Kimberlite Project, but it is comparable.


Shore Gold still hasn’t committed to building a mine in the region quite yet.


Cline estimates a mine and processing facility will cost $1.5-billion.


He says a feasibility study and environmental impact assessment should be complete by next year.