Former Metis Leader Opens Up About HIV Infection

Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 16:01



A high-profile former Metis leader has opened an HIV/AIDS conference in Prince Albert by acknowledging he is HIV-positive.


Gerald Morin is past president of both the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan and the Metis National Council.


Morin says he knows first-hand the stigma and difficulty of living with HIV, and that’s why he’s calling on Metis, Inuit and First Nations leaders to support those grassroots citizens living with the disease.


Morin says it was his past drug use that caused him to contract the disease.


He notes the past few years have been very hard at times, but he refuses to dwell on the negative.


Morin says he continues to work as a Metis lawyer and consultant for Metis agencies.


He adds he’s glad to see conferences like the one taking place in Prince Albert this week, and hopes more follow.