Former Lawyer’s Trial Hears Closing Arguements

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 16:24



Closing arguments are expected today, following the testimony from 3 aboriginal teenagers who took the stand in Prince Albert yesterday at the trial for a former lawyer from Flin Flon.


57 year-old James Michael Bomek stands charged with 12 offenses, some of which include inviting youth to touch him, sexual assault, as well as possessing and creating child pornography.


Court heard graphic testimony throughout much of the day from officers connected to the case, the three boys and Bomek himself.


The youngest of the three told court, he first met Bomek in the downtown area where the former lawyer offered him a drink. The youth, who was 13 at the time, said he was shocked but followed Bomek on his bicycle to his apartment.


That was the first of many meetings, during which time, he says Bomek offered him drugs and took naked photographs of him. He also testified he performed sexual acts on Bomek in exchange for drugs.


For his part, Bomek claims the acts were consensual and only happened because he thought the youth was 14 years of age.


He also says the naked photographs do not amount to child pornography because he did not intend to distribute them.


The case concludes this afternoon.