Former FNUC Official Upset With AUCC Decision

Thursday, April 03, 2008 at 15:55



A former official with the First Nations University of Canada says he worries the AUCC’s decision to lift the school’s probationary status sends the wrong message.


At the same time, Wes Stevenson says he’s happy to know students won’t lose their university accreditation over the matter.


Stevenson lost his job as administrative vice-president when FSIN Vice-Chief Morley Watson fired him and others in a house cleaning three years ago.


He says he’s not sure what the AUCC was thinking, and admits being disappointed.


Stevenson keeps in touch with some former colleagues still teaching at the school.


He says many are deeply concerned about the AUCC’s decision.


According to Stevenson, some teachers believe the association didn’t want to appear politically incorrect by dismissing the FNUC.


Stevenson says he thinks the AUCC has lowered the bar for accreditation in its ranks with this move.