Former CEO Defends Keewatin Yatthe

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 at 14:07



A former CEO of the Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health Authority is taking issue with criticism directed at its board earlier this week.


The Saskatchewan Medical Association is upset that Keewatin Yatthe plans to terminate the contracts of the 4 doctors that work in La Loche on December 7th.


An SMA spokesman called the board’s decision “really irresponsible” and said the rationale for the move “makes no sense”.


But Nap Gardiner defends the health authority’s plans to adopt a model that places more emphasis on primary health care teams.


Gardiner says board members are doing the best job they can, and he doesn’t feel the SMA appreciates what northern health authorities go through trying to find the right balance for health delivery.


Gardiner also admits being both surprised and annoyed at the SMA’s take on the situation.


He says the medical association doesn’t know the whole story and it should uncover it before making judgments.