Forestry Giant Pledging to Fulfill FMA Commitments

Wednesday, August 04, 2004 at 12:56



Weyerhaeuser is preparing to enter the next stage of a plan designed to keep its forest management area in northern Saskatchewan sustainable for the coming years.


Company biologist Brian Christenson says a number of different monitoring procedures and studies will take place between now and 2006.


Some of these include soil observations, a population count of songbirds in areas affected by logging, and a status report on regions of the forest where harvesting has taken place.


Christenson says they will also look into the effects of forest fires on the boreal forest.


Christenson says all of the land within Weyerhaeuser’s forest management area will be included in the study, and that includes woods as far north as Wapawekka Lake.


He says a monitoring committee has been formed to allow certain members of the public access to the company’s findings as results come back, he says some of those members include trappers and outfitters.