Forest Fire Threatens Stony Rapids

Monday, June 26, 2006 at 15:22



Emergency measures officials are making preparations for a potential larger-scale evacuation of Stony Rapids and Black Lake.


A large forest fire crept right to the northwest edge of Stony Rapids yesterday, prompting the evacuation of 172 residents to Black Lake.


Public Safety department spokeswoman Judy Orthner says they decided to move out sick or elderly residents that would be hard to move on a moment’s notice.


Orthner says a wider evacuation might be ordered this afternoon, depending on what progress is made on the fire.


If that happens, she says the residents of both Stony Rapids and Black Lake will likely be taken to Prince Albert, Meadow Lake or Saskatoon.


At last word, no structures had been damaged in Stony Rapids, but there were some cases of spot fires starting in places where the fire jumped the river on the northwest side of the community.


Sprinklers have been set up on several buildings, including the hospital.


As well, all flights to and from Stony Rapids have been halted.