Forest Fire Centre Unveils New Safety Device

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 16:19



Saskatchewan’s Environment minister got a first-hand look at some new technology at the Forest Fire Control Centre in Prince Albert today.


For the better part of an hour, centre officials treated David Forbes and Public Safety minister Peter Prebble to a detailed tour of their facility.


The fire centre houses 15 percent of the equipment needed for wildfire suppresion in the province, and Forbes says he was impressed with what he saw.


Officials took the time to unveil their new remote radio trailer — an orange-coloured unit that can be parked on the side of northern roads to alert motorists of danger up ahead.


Broadcasting on the frequency of 91.1 FM, the trailer will broadcast messages straight from the fire centre to car radios — giving drivers an idea of whether or not they should turn around.


Fire centre officials also informed the minister they will be building 20 new fire towers this year to bring the full total up to 33 by the end of 2005.


However, none of these towers are planned to be constructed in the Far North.


An official with the fire centre says they will continue to use spotter aircraft and satellite imaging in the Athabasca area for the forseeable future.


The worker says that could change if northern Saskatchewan’s timber zone is ever expanded.