Food Transportation Subsidy Program Under Review

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 14:34



A subsidy program for food tranportation in remote northern communities is under review.


Indian Affairs says it is studying the national food mail program to find out if there are any other measures that could work better.


Under the terms of the arrangement, INAC provides money to Canada Post to charge a lower rate of shipping for perishable goods.


At least three communities in Saskatchewan’s Far North use the service.


INAC spokesman Fred Hill says the initiative allows shipments to be flown in at a rate of $0.80/kg.


Hill says Black Lake, Stony Rapids and Fond du Lac only use the service when the seasonal road to Black Lake is impassable.


Hill says Uranium City and Wollaston Lake are also eligible for the program, but haven’t used it thus far.


The review should be complete by the fall.