Fond Du Lac Votes Against Longer Terms Of Office

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 12:21



The people of Fond du Lac have voted decisively against increasing the length of terms of their elected officials.


The local First Nation held a plebiscite yesterday, asking band members if they wanted the mandates for chiefs and councils to remain at two years, or increase to three or four years.


Of the 98 people who voted, 58 wanted the band to keep the two-year terms.


Twenty voters liked three-year terms, while another 11 preferred four years.


Band officials were hoping to see the terms increased in time for next month’s chief and council election, because they argue it is difficult to keep momentum going in any talks with government when the band council changes every two years.


However, they acknowledge some people are worried lengthier terms will make band governments less accountable.