Fond Du Lac Members To Vote On Longer Terms

Monday, August 10, 2009 at 12:38



Depending on the outcome of a plebiscite today in Fond du Lac, elected officials with that First Nation might get to stay in office a little longer.


Up until now, the victors in any band election have served two-year terms in office.


But band officials are hoping community members approve either three-year or four-year terms in today’s vote.


Corporate executive officer Darryl McDonald knows there are some who are uneasy with having officials in power that long.


But, he says, an election every two years is hurting any momentum the band establishes with government, because with most other governments having three- or four-year terms, the band leadership has to re-establish working relationships mid-way through a federal or provincial government’s term.


“It’s more challenging for us,” McDonald says.


McDonald says any change that results from today’s plebiscite will be adopted in time for September’s chief and council elections.