FNUC Students Leave Meeting Disappointed

Thursday, July 07, 2005 at 14:33



Students at the First Nations University don’t feel they made any headway during yesterday’s meeting with high-ranking school officials.


Acting university president Charles Pratt met with angry students at an FSIN boardroom in Saskatoon yesterday.


The students were hoping to get an explanation as to why the dean of the Saskatoon campus, Winona Wheeler, was abruptly let go the other day.


Student Kathy Munroe says they didn’t get many answers, and says Pratt and his colleagues often skirted their questions.


Munroe says she can’t see the Saskatoon campus being ran without a dean.


She says the students see the abolishment of the dean’s position as more than just a financial matter — it was a way to keep Wheeler quiet.


FSIN chief Alphonse Bird says a task force is reviewing the situation at the school, but Munroe says it was learned yesterday during the meeting that the members of that task force have yet to be appointed.