FNUC Officials Hire Private Investigator

Friday, November 04, 2005 at 15:55



The First Nations University of Canada has hired a private eye to find out who leaked sensitive documents to the media.


Last month, several newspapers published stories about the salaries earned by some high-ranking university officials.


Since those stories were printed, staff members have been complaining about surveillance cameras that have been installed in some offices.


Vice-president Al Ducharme says the investigation will be conducted by an external firm that will be meeting with management, as well as staff of four departments.


Ducharme says university officials have a legal obligation to ensure the confidentiality of their internal records and information.


He says they’ve brought in an outside expert because they take that role seriously.


Ducharme notes they could have made this move secretly, but they want to be upfront with the public.


The university expects a report of the firm’s preliminary findings by the end of the month.