Flu Outbreak in North at “Peak” Level

Wednesday, November 26, 2003 at 13:01



Northern Saskatchewan’s medical officer of health says an earlier-than-expected outbreak of the flu in the North is becoming less of a factor in some of the communities it’s afflicting.


Dr. James Irvine says the number of flu cases is starting to go down in the Far North, which was hit hard by the flu a few weeks ago.


Meanwhile, in other northern communities that also got hit with several cases of the flu, Irvine says the outbreak has likely reached its peak and should begin to wind down soon.


However, Irvine also says health officials are starting to see the flu begin to makes its presence felt in other northern communities that weren’t hit a few weeks ago.


Irvine says getting a flu shot is still a good idea, especially since there will likely be a new strain of the flu that hits the North in the months to come.


Aside from getting the flu vaccine, Irvine urges northerners to wash their hands frequently when in close contact with others.