Fishing Lake Band Still Waiting For New School

Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 14:03



The Fishing Lake First Nation is calling on Indian Affairs to keep a promise that was made to the band by a federal cabinet minister during a visit to the reserve in 1999.


Chief Allan Paquachan says the Minister of Indian Affairs at the time toured the school on the reserve, and was not satisfied with the aging portable units used to house the students.


Paquachan says that’s when the promise was made to upgrade and build a new school — but eight years later, the students are still in the same portables.


INAC spokesman Trevor Sutter says other priorities and obstacles have played a role in the stall of the building project — including a dispute over how large the new school should be.


Paquachan says they have been informed by health officials that students are exposed to dangers such as mould, freezing pipes and no plumbing.


Sutter says replaceable portables are being sent to the reserve and should be there by next September.