Fishing Industry Consultations Over

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 13:13



Saskatchewan Environment has wrapped up a series of meetings in the North related to the future of the fishing industry.


Last week, management planner Peter Cochlin held the last two open forum discussions in Black Lake and Wollaston Lake.


He says most of the talks were centered around commercial issues, with a few of the fishers asking for an update on a proposed fish plant in Prince Albert.


Cochlin says the Athabasca fishers were primarily concerned with the lack of an adequate packing facility, and noted they were having problems with getting fish to La Ronge in quality condition.


He also says the issue of quotas emerged from the discussions.


Information taken from the meetings will be used to formulate a new fish management plan in Saskatchewan to govern commercial, sport and recreation fishing.


Cochlin hopes to have the first public draft completed sometime this summer.