Fishers Warned To Adhere To Transport Guidelines

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 at 13:18



Saskatchewan Environment is defending its rules governing the safe transportation of fish caught commercially.


Two fishers from Black Lake were charged last winter for allowing their catch to freeze before it made it to La Ronge.


That has some residents of the Athabasca Basin claiming the regulations are unfair, since they have much farther to travel to get their fish to a licenced buyer than other fishers.


But Saskatchewan Environment spokesman Dave Harvey says fishers from the Far North have been transporting fish south for years — and the vast majority of the time no one is charged.


Harvey says there are ways to preserve the fish while they’re being shipped south, and most fishers know how that’s accomplished.


He says the general guideline is that fishers won’t be charged if something unforeseen takes place along the way — but they risk prosecution if they fail to exercise due attention.


Harvey also says his department has a responsibility to ensure fish aren’t wasted because of negligence, and that consumers are buying fish that are safe to eat.