Fishers Warned They Will Be Turned Away

Monday, December 06, 2004 at 15:23



Fishers in the Buffalo Narrows region are being told any mullets they catch will not be accepted by their local fish plant until further notice.


Fish plant owner John Waite says the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation has been telling fish plants to only accept a certain amount of mullets per week.


Waite says he’s already reached the 200 tubs of mullets he can accept this week, and won’t be able to take any more until Monday at the earliest.


As a result, Waite anticipates a lot of fish caught in area lakes will be wasted.


Waite usually accepts fish from fishers in Buffalo Narrows, La Loche, Dillon and Turnor Lake.


The FFMC recently lost one of its main buyers of mullets.


The rapid rise of the Canadian dollar against the U.S. currency has also hurt fish sales.